Navigation is not a "make money" host

2009-03-28 @ 17:01, web hosting, yxyservers,

We're not a "make money" web host. We're not here to even make a profit (something we will most likey never ever do either). We do web hosting for a selected number of 'clients' who get our premium services in exchange for their services. We'll be slowly draining funds as we move along, but our parent company, yxymedia, has pledged to keep us alive for at least 10 years. We're extremely thankful to them, and hope we can renew this '10 year pledge' every year.

What do we do then, you ask? Well, we basicly provide the people we work with with every single basic hosting need they have. This means anything from free e-mail boxes to free test environments and file storage facilities. We don't host too many public sites, and we're not really accepting new partners at this point either. We feel we're "fully booked", now that we're not fully booked yet. We run a vent server every once in a while, and to us, that feels like crowding it.

If, however, you do feel like contacting us. Please contact us through our parent company at .

Thanks for your interest in our company - and best of luck in your online ventures!

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